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Road Scholar Morocco: Melting Pot of Cultures, October 2017

The Center for Cross Cultural Learning (CCCL) welcomes its first Road Scholar program for the fall 2017. It starts from the 1st to 16th of October. The program will be ...

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Ibn Battuta Lecture

The center for Cross Cultural Learning (CCCL) is organizing a public lecture that would be framing the theme of “Ibn Battuta in the Cosmopolitan World of the Fourteenth century”, by ...

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Road Scholar Best of Morocco: Authentic program, March 2017

The CCCL is hosting an 11 day Road Scholar program from March 5th through March 16th. Our Best of Morocco program is meeting with university professors to discuss arts, spirituality, ...

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In 1995, the CCCL created the Department of Moroccan Languages and Culture (DMLC) to provide quality language instruction that would help CCCL program participants immerse themselves in Moroccan culture. Since then, the department has gained respect for its courses and textbooks, and attracted over 300 students annually of diverse backgrounds from all over the world. The DMLC provides and coordinates all language courses that are part of study abroad programs and classes requested by individuals that are interested in language and cultural learning. 
The Department offers courses in Standard Arabic (Fus’ha) and Moroccan Arabic (Darija). Students can also choose the Language for Special Purposes (LSP) program which is designed for students wishing to study specific topics such as politics, economics, or religion in one of the three languages mentioned above. Classes are available for students of all levels, and range from one-on-one instruction to a maximum of 10 students per class.  Individual levels are determined through oral and written placement tests. In conjunction with its language courses, the DMLC hosts cultural events for all its program participants. Examples of previous culture sessions include lectures on current events and culture, music and dance performances, and Arabic film screenings.

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