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Road Scholar Morocco: Melting Pot of Cultures, October 2017

The Center for Cross Cultural Learning (CCCL) welcomes its first Road Scholar program for the fall 2017. It starts from the 1st to 16th of October. The program will be ...

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Ibn Battuta Lecture

The center for Cross Cultural Learning (CCCL) is organizing a public lecture that would be framing the theme of “Ibn Battuta in the Cosmopolitan World of the Fourteenth century”, by ...

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Road Scholar Best of Morocco: Authentic program, March 2017

The CCCL is hosting an 11 day Road Scholar program from March 5th through March 16th. Our Best of Morocco program is meeting with university professors to discuss arts, spirituality, ...

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The Center for Cross-Cultural Learning (CCCL) is a private cultural institution founded and directed by Moroccan academics with many years of experience in cross-cultural education. Courses in Fus’ha (Standard Arabic) and Moroccan Arabic (Darija) are taught by professionals trained specifically to teach Arabic as a second language. The list of lecturers includes outstanding scholars in the areas of social science, humanities, literature, religion, and architecture as well as artists, journalists, NGO activists, artisans, and craftsmen.

The CCCL organizes a variety of cultural and educational activities which include language courses, seminars and lecture series on Moroccan society and Arab and Islamic cultures. The CCCL also sponsors art exhibits and musical performances and organizes educational excursions to various parts of Morocco. The aim of these activities is to provide participants with opportunities to learn from the rich cultural diversity of Morocco and to better understand and appreciate the country’s cultural heritage.

Among the CCCL partners in its cross cultural programs are: The School for International Training (SIT), the City College of New York (CCNY), Wellesley College, Williams College, Humboldt State University, the University of Illinois Chicago, Rollins University, and Elderhostel.
The CCCL bookstore department, called MaghriBook, publishes regular bulletins of Moroccan publications and provides a number of university libraries with Moroccan books and audio-visual materials. Among MaghriBook's regular customers are Harvard Library, UCLA and the Library of Washington University.

Since 2003, the CCCL, in partnership with Thaqafat Association, offers volunteer and internship programs as well as Summer Abroad programs for the Experiment for International Living (EIL). Thaqafat Association has joined the Experiment Federation as a full member since 2007.

The CCCL is located in a nineteenth century building in the old city of Rabat (the Medina). Its premises are available for rent for conferences and special events. Contact us for details.







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