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The Vanderbilt University Religion and Culture of Morocco program:

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The Center for Cross Cultural Learning will be hosting 12 participants from Vanderbilt University from May 11th to May 26th, 2012. "Religion and Culture of Morocco" are designed to give students an opportunity to explore politics, arts, and education, as well as social and gender relations in a North African context.

Religion and culture are complex phenomena that intersect in a variety of ways; depending on the location, they are historically imbricated in such diverse areas. The Maymester course encompasses two portions. The first, devoted to in-class lectures and study at Vanderbilt, and the second of which will involve hands-on research and experience in Morocco, supplemented by additional lectures and presentations. The initial in-class component will introduce students to Moroccan history, as well as provide an overview of the religious traditions (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity) that have contributed to the development of Moroccan culture. What is more, participants will develop an expertise in an aspect of Moroccan culture, and articulate the significance of it during a group discussion, and during the excursions.