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CCCL Newsletter 2011

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The Center for Cross Cultural Learning Annual Newsletter
More than a Learning Experience

Dear CCCL friends,

As 2011 is ending it seems it went by so quickly.

To us, in this part of the world, 2011 was the year of revolutions led by youth movements calling for dignity and respect of human rights and contesting oppression and despotism.  The events were unprecedented and have already triggered series of positive changes in our region such as the expansion of exercising freedoms and the organization of transparent elections.

We at the CCCL were as busy and productive in 2011 as usual.  We ran our regular programs with great success once again, thanks to the commitment and hard work of our staff, speakers, homestay families and continuous support and encouragements of our participants and partners.  We expanded the trainings we offer for free to young Moroccans on cross-cultural education, organized open music performances and lectures and sponsored conferences on a variety of topics including the Arab spring.

At the personal level, 2011 has also been a happy year for many of our staff members:

  • NawalChaib, the program assistant for the Multiculturalism and Human Rights program offered to the students of School for International Training Study Abroad gave birth last October to a baby boynamed Adam.
  • Nabil Akabli, CCCL program coordinator for Road Scholar, World Learning Summer Abroad, and other short term study abroad programs, married on December 24 Maria.
  • The CCCL family is expecting a baby boom in 2012 as three of our female staff members have announced their happy pregnancy.
  • Wafae Drissi Laroussi is a new addition to the CCCL staff since last Spring and we hope to be able to offer decent job opportunities to new people this year.

The CCCL has continued to serve as a mediator between people seeking understanding of cultures and to offer a safe environment promoting cross-cultural communication and education.  We aim through our programs to touch the lives of many and make our participants learn about their own lives while experiencing the lives of their hosts.

As a former participant puts it: “CCCL is much more than just a beautiful old place where interesting things happen. I realized that CCCL is a story and that I have just seen its cover. It might have started as a story of few but grew to be the story of many.”

As we say goodbye to 2011, we believe that our most important achievement isgaining your friendship and trust.  We will continue cherishing this relationship in 2012 and promise to keep you informed of our progress and happy news.

We wish you a very happy 2012 and hope our paths will meet again.

Farah Cherif D’Ouezzan & Abdelhay Moudden
Center for Cross Cultural Learning Founders


Wedding of Nabil and Maria on December 24 and some CCCL staff members