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You are here: Home Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the DMLC?

DMLC is part of our study abroad programs and/or independent classes requested by individuals that are interested in language and culture learning. DMLC offers courses in Modern Standard Arabic (Fus’ha) and Moroccan Arabic (Darija). Our language classes are offered for all ages and nationalities in all levels.

What is the difference between Modern Standard Arabic (Fus’ha) and the Moroccan Arabic (Darija)?
Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the official language used in the Arab world in the Middle East and North Africa. It is the main language taught at schools, used by the government and the press. Moroccan Arabic is the variety of MSA that is only spoken in the Arabic-speaking areas in Morocco and in the entire Maghreb Region (Algeria, Tunisia and Libya). While it has always been a spoken language, the number of Darija newspapers and magazines is greatly expanding using the MSA script, which we adopt in our Moroccan Darija classes.

What are the levels offered?
We offer language classes for all levels, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced.

I have already taken Arabic classes, how do I know which level to enroll in?
Non-beginning participants are placed into the appropriate language course levels based on written and oral placement tests conducted by CCCL Arabic department (free of charge). A form is also e-mailed to the students for pre-registration in which questions related to textbooks used previously, methodology and course contents are required to be answered.

What happens in the classes themselves?

Our language classes adopt a multi-level teaching method that integrates the skills of reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary and conversation. These skills are reinforced at all levels and the teaching language is the one taught in-class, be it Fus’ha and Darija. No translation is used except when it is absolutely necessary to facilitate the explanation of a grammar rule or lexical phrase to a beginner. For an interactive and creative learning environment, each of our classes sets up its own field study trips and exercises, through which students enrich their experience and ability to function in real life language situations, assimilate everyday life issues and immerse in the host culture. Language classes also integrate a series of lectures which reflect different aspects about life in Morocco on topics, such as cooking and calligraphy among others.

What texts and tools does the CCCL use?
Materials used for our language classes include textbooks, audio, video, visual aids, internet, newspapers and magazines. Some of the textbooks used are:
Standard Arabic (Fus’ha):

- Fus’ha Al Markaz (by CCCL).
- Alkitaab Fii Taalum Alarabiya Series (Georgetown University Press).
- Al-Arabia Al-Muaassira (Institut Bourgiba, Tunis)
* Moroccan Arabic (Darija):

Labass: a textbook for Beginning Moroccan Arabic Part I (first edition 2005, ISBN: 9954-8542-1-5, CCCL)

The materials used vary depending on the objective of the students in taking Arabic classes, whether it is for credit or not, whether it is for individual or group classes and whether it is an intensive or regular course.

What are the qualifications of the language instructors?
All of our instructors hold at least a BA degree and go through continuous trainings in cross cultural education and teaching foreign languages to non-native speakers. They are well experienced in teaching different levels of Arabic and running classes with participants from various cultural backgrounds and different age range. Our instructors are open minded and patient providing non-native students challenging yet, inviting environment that avoid translation using a variety of teaching techniques.

How many students are there per class?
The size of our group classes is kept small (10 students per class maximum). At least four students from the same level must be registered to run one single class, otherwise it is considered an individual tutorial course.

Can I learn about a specific topic in my language class?
We can arrange language courses for specific purposes depending on the students’ field of interests. These classes are offered to students of intermediate and advanced levels.

Can I choose the hours that best suits my schedule?
We give our participants and students the choice of the course timing for individual classes only and upon the availability of instructors. The timing selected should be within the CCCL office working time (8.30 - 18.30) and not on weekends and holidays. As for the courses for credit, students are bound to the schedule of their program according to their CCCL Director.

How do I register for classes?
Language application forms are available on
our website or at the DMLC office at the CCCL main building site in Laalou. The applications may be submitted by:

Email to the DMLC Coordinator, Bouchra Sahimda at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Fax: 212 (0) 537 20 23 67

Mail: CCCL, B.P. 6291, Rabat Medina- Rabat-Morocco 10100
Your registration is accepted ONLY when you receive confirmation from the DMLC department.

When and how can I pay for my class?
The total payment including registration fees and pedagogical materials should be received in Moroccan Dirham only, either in cash, check (drawn from a bank account in Rabat) or wired to our CCCL bank account by the first day of class. Credit cards are not accepted and the wiring fee will have to be covered by the student making the payment or the sending institution.

Where do language classes take place?
Classes may take place in one of the three CCCL buildings all located in and around the medina of Rabat, all within walking distance of each other.

Can I get access to the CCCL library?
If you are enrolled in one of our language classes, you can get full access to our library (located in Lagza Annex) for a fee of 200 MAD for the entire time period of your language course. 100 MAD will be reimbursed to you at the end of the course upon return of the last borrowed books. Students will have to sign a paper testifying that they know the rules of the library and will abide by those rules.

Is homestay an option for me?
Placing our students and participants in Moroccan homestay enables them to have a greater intercultural experience and fuller social immersion within the local community. We offer the homestay option ONLY to our students and program participants not as a homestay only program. Students who want to take this option will have to pay for it separately and at the beginning of the program, as the fee for language does not include accommodation. If you have further questions about homestay, please contact Doha at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it