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CCCL Newsletter 2010

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The Center for Cross Cultural Learning Annual Newsletter
Leading Expert in Cross Cultural Education

Dear CCCL friends,

More than fifteen years have passed since Abdelhay and I founded the CCCL and it is with pride that we look back today to count the number of friends we have been able to make throughout this beautiful endeavor.   Thanks to your participation in our programs and activities and to your constant support, the CCCL has become a leading institution in the field of Cross Cultural Education gaining more visibility and respect worldwide.

2010 was marked by the celebration of the Center’s 15th anniversary.  On this happy occasion, we organized several activities throughout the year celebrating our achievements, and promoting cross-cultural education and values we dearly cherish.    It has been yet another year of reinforcing our relationships with those we have known before and of building additional friendships through our new programs and partnerships.  Many of you have contributed in enriching the celebration by sharing with us photos, testimonials, travel journal entries and art works.    We thank you for your generosity and kind thoughts.

But 2010 has also been a difficult year for humanity at large due to continuous wars, killings and natural catastrophes that have left many casualties and have damaged many lives.  In addition, financial crises have deepened social disparities and injustice in many countries.

Despite these challenges, the CCCL proceeded energetically with its mission, continued to grow slowly but surely and witnessed many moments of joy.   We want to take the opportunity of the New Year to share with you our happy highlights of 2010.

  • Four of our staff got married: Asmae Haddaoui, the assistant of the School for International Training Study Abroad Morocco Migration program; Tammam Laachiri, Arabic instructor and Coordinator of the Department of Moroccan Publications; Badrdine Boulaid, Arabic instructor and Rachid Qasbi, Elderhostel Morocco programs’ Coordinator.
  • Two of our staff have given birth: Assia Ben Abdelkader, Arabic instructor, who had a son and Zhor Berday who had twin daughters.
  • We have launched our own Tour Operator, Kulturen Voyages that should open new horizons for us at the CCCL in cultural Tourism, provide us with more professional travel logistics and services, and will allow our CCCL staff to focus more and develop further the Cultural and educational components of our programs.
  • New programs have been launched: winter session for University of South Dakota students and summer internships for Boston University students.  We are working hard in collaboration with local and international NGO’s to develop more projects in the field of internships and volunteering services in Morocco.
  • In addition to its regular programs (Study Abroad, Road Scholar  and the short term educational  activities and winter sessions), the CCCL has provided free of charge trainings for tour guides, young Moroccan graduates and CCCL staff.  We have also hosted in the CCCL main building series of book signings, theatrical performances, poetry readings and musical shows, contributing thereby in enriching the cultural life in the old medina of Rabat, strengthening the bounds among the CCCL friends and partners, and in promoting cross-cultural awareness and understanding
  • In collaboration with several institutions, schools and NGOs, the CCCL had celebrated earth day and the International Volunteer Day (IVD)
In addition to all the experiences offered to participants, perhaps the most significant quality of CCCL as an organization is the welcoming spirit of the staff and faculty.  We strive to remain the space where our participants are welcomed with open arms and where both faculty and staff are friendly, warm and caring and truly try to make sure that each participant walks away with not only an unforgettable learning experience but also a sense of human bonding with the people they have met and the places they have explored.

These accomplishments are made possible thanks to the extensive network of partners we are able to count on, which includes host families, lecturers, tour guides, artists, students’ advisors, health counselors, NGOs and local associations.   We are also aware that our goals could not have been attained and expanded further every year without your continuous support, feedback, suggestions and above all, your friendships.

We promise that the CCCL will remain the friendly and humane institution that works as hard as ever for the reinforcement of peaceful exchange between peoples and cultures and for the expansion of dialogue and friendships of civilizations.

We wish you and your dear ones a Very Happy New Year

Farah Cherif D’Ouezzan & Abdelhay Moudden
Center for Cross Cultural Learning Founders


CCCL staff during the 15th anniversary celebrations on April 9, 2010