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CCCL Summer Programs 2011

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This summer, Center for Cross Cultural Learning (CCCL) is running various programs such as:

The Rabat Arabic Language and Service Learning Program started from May 30th to July 17th with a number of 8 participants from Boston University (BU). This program consists of various components, including orientation sessions about Moroccan family life and homestay. All students are placed in Moroccan households in the medina, where they have a close look at the culture through the homestay with Moroccan families. Besides this, students take advantage of the intensive study of Arabic language; they explore the history, politics and religion of this ever-changing part of the world via coursework, and excursions. Such a program immerses students into the culture through life in Morocco’s cosmopolitan cities.

The School for International Training also has a program, with the CCCL, known as the Intensive Arabic Language and Moroccan Culture (SIT MOI). They have been with the CCCL from June 7th to July 26th, with 17 participants. Most of the various constituents of the program give importance to the field of cross- cultural experience: orientations about different issues like human rights, religion, also constitutional, political and social reforms. Besides this, the excursions are the backbone of this program as they give the participants the opportunity to have more contact with Moroccan culture, to develop a solid experience, and a unique set of cross-cultural skills that are portable as part of the mechanisms of this program.

Furthermore, the Lakeside program took place from June 26th to July 23rd. The emphasis was on the Arabic classes, orientations, excursion and the homestay.