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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

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What is Modern Standard Arabic (Fus’ha)?

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the official language used in the Arab world in the Middle East and North Africa. It is the main language taught at schools, used by the government and the press alike. The Arabic alphabet consists of 28 letters and is written from right to left.

I have taken non-formal Arabic classes before, how can I determine my level?

Participants who are not beginners are placed into the appropriate course level based on free written and oral placement tests conducted by the CCCL Arabic department. The application form, containing questions about the textbooks and contents of previous courses, is also used to assess a student’s level.

What is the teaching methodology used in language classes?

Our language classes adopt a multi-level teaching method that integrates the skills of reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary and conversation. These skills are reinforced at all levels. In order to immerse students in the language, no translation is used except when it is absolutely necessary to facilitate the explanation of a grammar rule or lexical phrase to a beginner. For an interactive and creative learning environment, each of our classes sets up its own field trips and exercises, through which students enrich their experience and ability to function in real life language situations and immerse in the host culture. Language classes also employ a series of lectures which reflect different aspects about life in Morocco on topics such as cooking, calligraphy, religion, etc.

What are the qualifications of the language instructors?

All of our instructors hold at least a B.A. degree and regularly attend trainings on cross cultural education and foreign language instruction. They are very experienced in teaching different levels of Arabic through a variety of techniques, and in running classes with participants of various cultural backgrounds and ages. Our instructors are open minded and patient in providing non-native students a challenging yet nurturing classroom environment.

Do I have access to any CCCL facilities?

The CCCL has 3 premises all located within 10 to 15 minutes walking distance from each other with unlimited wireless access for students during the center’s opening hours (Monday- Friday : 8.00 AM to 6.30 PM). We also have a small library -located in one of our annexes- providing our students with an academic facility where students can find a selection of books and research papers on various topics ranging from history, politics, gender studies, culture and Moroccan languages.


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