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Welcome to the CCCL’s Wilfrid Rollman Library!

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Our library’s namesake, Will Rollman, is a historian who has taught at Wellesley College and Boston University. He has been a good friend of the CCCL’s founders for many years, and he has been supportive of the CCCL since its creation.

The Wilfrid Rollman library at the Center for Cross Cultural Learning is a valuable resource and source of great pride for us. Housing more than 5,000 volumes, the library continues to grow thanks to private purchases as well as kind donations from former CCCL program participants. Available to all program participants, it serves as an academic facility where participants can find information about nearly any domain of Moroccan life and culture. Additionally, the library is a leisure resource, where participants can find international fiction and nonfiction books to suit their personal interests.

The CCCL library is located in the lower level of the Legza Annex (with the exception of the literature section, which is situated on the first floor).


The CCCL Library is organized by department. Our collection includes books which are concerned with Religion, Gender, Culture, Research Methods, Politics, Economics, Social Studies, Language, English Literature, History, and Art and subcategories within each field.  Dictionaries, guidebooks, and magazines are also available.

The Rollman Library has an incredibly diverse collection of books ranging from bestsellers to books written by Professors from local universities and even our Academic Directors!

The CCCL library also houses a bounded collection of the New York Review of Books, an American journal. Our collection begins in 1994 and continues to the present.

Independent Study Projects

The CCCL library also contains an all-encompassing collection of Independent Study Projects (ISPs), researched and written by students of the School for International Training (SIT) study abroad programs, which the CCCL and its founders have been hosting since 1992. In total, the library houses approximately 1000 ISPs. These projects range in length from 20 to 70 pages, and reflect the students’ research, experiences, and ideas on topics including, but certainly not limited to culture, economics, the environment, health, migration, religion and science. Some of the students who have written ISPs here are now highly recognized academics. The collection can be used to assist current SIT students in their research as well as to provide an insight into many fascinating topics of Moroccan life and culture.


Please visit the CCCL’s Wilfred Rollman library

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