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Ways of Dialogue

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The Center for Cross Cultural Learning and Writers Unlimited bring together writers, poets, thinkers and scientist from all over the world. They discuss literature, art, science and society: annually in January in the Winternachten festival in The Hague, May 2016 at the CCCL, Morocco. The Tour will also include Kenitra and Fez.


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Conference on “Poetry in times of war”

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The online magazine “Ribat AlKoutoub” in collaboration with Center for Cross Cultural Learning (CCCL) are pleased to announce the conference on: “Poetry in times of war”. We would like to welcome you to the CCCL on Saturday, April 2nd from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Please confirm your attendance by reaching out to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



ندوة حول: "الشعر زمن الحرب"

تنظم مجلة رباط الكتب بتعاون مع مركز تواصل الثقافات ندوة حول: "الشعر زمن الحرب" يوم السبت 2 أبريل 2016 بمقر مركز تواصل الثقافات من 9.00 صباحا إلى 1.00 بعد الزوال

يشارك في الندوة الدكتورة العالية ماء العينين (كلية الآداب. المحمدية)، الأستاذة الشاعرة إكرام عبدي (الكاتبة العامة لمؤسسة منتدى أصيلة)، الأستاذ الشاعر محمد العناز (المدرسة العليا للأساتذة. تطوان) والدكتورة حورية الخمليشي (كلية الآداب. الرباط).يقدم الندوة ويسيرها الدكتور عبد الحي مودن)أستاذ بجامعة محمد الخامس، الرباط(

عدد المقاعد محدود الرجاء تأكيد حضوركم عبر الاتصال بالبريد الألكتروني:

SIT Amsterdam at CCCL, March 2016

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CCCL is hosting a group of 24 students and 2 faculty from the School of International Training (SIT) Amsterdam program for the current spring semester. The program spans from March 5th to March 18th , 2016. The program encompasses a variety of lectures on Morocco, women’s issues, tourism, gender dynamics in Morocco, sexuality in Morocco, human rights and others.The program also expands beyond Rabat to an excursion to Volubilis, Moulay Driss, Volubilis, Fez, Marrakesh, and Casablanca. The excursion activities range from group discussion with Moroccan students in Fez, guided tour in both Fez and Marrakesh to a visit to “Solidarité Feminine” association and much more.




SIT Switzerland at CCCL, March 2016

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A group of 27 students and two faculty members from School of International Training (SIT) Switzerland are at CCCL enrolling spring program from March 5th to March 13th, 2016. The program has a focus on the health system in Morocco. During this program the students will learn about health care system in Morocco.The program encompasses an overview of Morocco, lectures on gender dynamics in Morocco, an overview on healthcare system in Morocco, the non-communicable diseases in Morocco, the mental and coverage health in Morocco, and others. In addition to that, the group will explore the historical city of Fez in a guided tour, and experience a stay in Ribat Elkheir village.





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“We are delighted to host our Road Scholar group for a two-week magnificent educational tour designed by the academicians of the center to meet the expectations of our participants. This program highlights the diversity of the country by the scheduled field trips in addition a significant educational content provided by several experts. The program is titled, Morocco: the Melting Pot of Cultures”
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