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Student Testimonies

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“My experience abroad definitely changed the way that I view the world, both inside CCCL classes and outside their walls. In Rabat, the teachers provided us with fantastic handouts and reading materials, opening a breadth of knowledge on topics such as gender relations, identity politics, and religion. Thus, when I was granted a Fulbright for journalism in Morocco, I came back again for language instruction to the place that first taught me alif and baa. Where many places just teach the Arabic language, the CCCL helped give me a fuller picture.”

Matthew Streib, SIT 2002


“The CCCL is a jewel of an institution. As a lifelong student of language and culture, I have surveyed, participated in, facilitated, and administered immersive cross-cultural education in Central and Latin America, Spain, the United States, and New Zealand. Among this broad spectrum of experience, the CCCL stands out for its professionalism and honest passion for cross-cultural education. The school is small enough that a genuine spirit of community infuses its halls, and the staff is supremely helpful. Any time spent at the CCCL will be time well spent.”

Rachel Sibley, SIT 2008


“The CCCL is a wonderful place. Every single staff member is nice, intelligent, and excited to offer help. The Arabic instruction is excellent. My language skills improved immensely during the four months I studied in Rabat. We went on several trips around Morocco as part of our program and each one was well organized and fun. Additionally, the staff members offered lots of help when we wanted to organize our own trips. I hope someday to return to the CCCL. They helped me through one of the best experiences of my life.”

Keith C., Boston University 2009


“Méthode variée et basée sur la pratique de la langue, mise en situation très positives, très bien adaptée à l’usage quotidien de base de l’arabe".

43 year-old student from France, 2008-2009


“I learned more Arabic than I thought. I also learned how to speak and understand spoken Arabic better than I could have imagined”.

22 year-old student from USA, Spring 2009.


“A+ It is great to figure out the Arabic on our own instead of being given all the answers. The explanations are clear and our teacher is very patient and enthusiastic.

22 year-old student, Spring 2009


"تقدمت كثيرا لأني الآن أفهم وأتكلم أكثر"

30 year-old student from Italy, fall 2008

“At first I did not feel very competent in Arabic but after a mere 6 weeks of class at the CCCL, I feel that I have a really strong base to build on.”

30 year-old student from Canada, fall 2008