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Courses Description (Fus’ha, Darija)

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A student’s level is determined by a free placement test :

Beginning Level:

This course designed for beginners focuses on dialogue, grammar and basic sentence construction. It covers different topics related to daily life such as greetings, introducing oneself and others, shopping, and hobbies. The participant will discover the use of different tenses (present, past and future) for mainly regular verbs. Students will build basic skills in reading, writing, and speaking through studying the articulation and pronunciation of sounds, assimilation of letter positions and word construction, and new vocabulary. Students are expected to do exercise such as: connections, dictation, reading and pronunciation, and short writings.

Intermediate level:

At this level, the overall objective is the communicative approach, but with more focus on the syntactic, semantic, and stylistic levels. The aim is to help students read advanced texts, newspaper articles, specialized writing, etc.The students will learn more in-depth about daily life through topics such as travelling, relationships, ceremonies, services, and speaking about careers. Furthermore, the course also looks at some abstract subjects as an introduction to cultural and literary themes. Hence, the focus is on the lexicon necessary for the production and understanding of texts related to these fields. The course tackles syntactic structures useful to drafting paragraphs that consist of a variety of grammatical complex sentences. In this regard, participants are responsible for finding new vocabulary words and expressions matching the assigned field exercises through the use of dictionaries or carrying interviews with people.

Advanced Level:

This course addresses the very advanced issues related to abstract topics of culture, literature, politics, society, sociological studies, gender, etc. The emphasis falls on the structural and syntactic pursuits of language as these are very necessary linguistic tools for the improvement of the learners’ proficiency and fluency. The course, therefore, is a completion and review of previously learnt rules and development of grammatical analysis. The overall intended objective of this course is to endow students with ability and a sense of critical thinking and analytical skills through the use of different language functions. The course focuses on reading excerpts of articles from journals, magazines and other materials such as samples of songs and advanced texts; listening to TV programs and songs; written assignments aim to reinforce the students’ stylistic and structural competencies.