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Study Abroad Programs

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As part of our study abroad programs, we offer at CCCL a large range of services based on the sending institutions’ preferences, including Arabic language study, lectures and seminars, for-credit university courses, homestay, excursions, internship placement, artistic and musical performances as well as site visits to local NGOs, museums and government offices.

Since 1992 we have offered four types of study abroad programs for both undergraduate and graduate students:

I- Semester programs:

We offer semester-long programs taking place both in the spring and the fall and which could be tailored either as an academic type of program or an experiential one.

  • Academic semester programs:

o   Rabat Language and Liberal Arts Program

Run with our partner and sending institution, Boston University BU, Massachusetts USA


  • Experiential semester program:

o   Multiculturalism and Human Right program

o   Migration Studies in Morocco

Both run along with our partner and sending institution the School for International Training SIT, Vermont USA


II- Jan/Jun programs:

We offer during the time period between January and June short-term programs for a period of time that typically last 1 day to 4 weeks. These programs may include lectures and/or language study, homestay or sharing some meals with Moroccan families, group discussion with young Moroccan students and excursions among other experiential and academic activities. Our programs’ components are always based on the sending institution’s needs and requirements.

Some of our partners for the Jan-Jun programs are City College of New York, Wellesley College, DePaul University, Rollins College, Humboldt State University, International Center for Transitional Justice ICTJ, and the Moroccan American Commission for Educational Exchange MACECE.


III- Internship and service learning programs:

Our unpaid, usually for-credit service learning and internship programs are a short-term supervised academic and work experience. You will get a good practice that enables you to gain knowledge and professional skills in your field of studies, build up a network of contacts and apply your “classroom education” to the real world. Service learning and internship in Morocco offers you further opportunities in living this experience in an international framework and adding extra language knowledge to your resume.

  • Rabat Arabic Language & Service Learning Program (Summer)

  • Wellesley Internship at the Center for Cross Cultural Learning CCCL

IV- Summer study programs:

Our summer programs include intensive Arabic language study, seminars, excursions, volunteering, homestay and cultural workshops. Some of our summer programs are:

  • Intensive Arabic Language and Moroccan Culture

Run with our partner and sending institution the School for International Training SIT, Vermont USA

  • Intercultural Learning and Arabic Language

Organized by the Council of Europe and the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ISESCO