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1- Experience first-hand a multicultural society and richly diverse landscape.

Today’s Morocco constitutes the synthesis of a long history of interactions of diverse African, middle-eastern and Mediterranean cultures.  This richness is reflected in the people’s daily lives in cities and villages, in the architecture of Kasbahs, minarets, palaces, mansions and simples homes and in the colonial buildings and post-colonial edifices throughout the country, in the wide diversity of the local cuisine, acclaimed worldwide by famous international chefs and simple folks, and in the sounds of music inherited from ancient Amazighi history, tribal traditions, Andalusian heritage and African roots.  The landscape is equally diverse ranging from high mountains’ peaks, desert dunes, and waterfalls to the Mediterranean cost and Atlantic beaches.

2- Get the finest and most effective way to learn Arabic.

Morocco is a multilingual society where Modern Standard Arabic (Fus’ha) is the official language, taught at schools, used in government businesses and by the media alike. Your daily exposure to the local culture reinforces and quickens your language assimilation as you are immersed in a culture that speaks a variety of Arabic, the language that you are learning. You can hear it, see it and live it!

3- Discover yourself, live life-changing experience, prepare for a better future.

Your study abroad experience in Morocco will not only expose you to a new and complex culture and enhance your language abilities, it will also enable you to rediscover yourself and your own culture as you will be intellectually challenged on a daily-basis to question and reconsider your own ideas and formed perceptions. Your study abroad experience will also strengthen your personal resume and increase your chances for better professional opportunities and international careers.

4- Enjoy more opportunities to travel.

Morocco’s varied geography includes many mountain ranges as well as lush river valleys, beautiful sandy coasts, and wide expanses of desert. The Moroccan coastline, which fronts onto both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, offers plenty of great beaches as well as a number of fascinating old coastal cities. Morocco is only 13 Km (8miles) from Europe across the Strait of Gibraltar and close to other African countries. You will be able to enjoy wide-ranging independent trips during the weekends and breaks.



1- Live and study in Rabat!

The CCCL is located in the “medina”, the old section of Rabat, the country’s capital.  Rabat is located on the Atlantic coast and is considered to be quite a pleasant city with many gardens, beaches, cafés, movie theaters, restaurants, ATM machines, and shops that offer access to all kinds of communication technologies, including the Internet. The architecture and spatial organization of the CCCL buildings are typical of centuries-old Moroccan architecture and revealing of the cultural and social subtleties that still characterize everyday life in Morocco.

2- Learn in and outside the classroom.

The education you will receive through lectures, course materials, field-trips to local NGOs, museums and government offices and group discussions with Moroccan students will provide you with a framework of information that will enhance the education you provide for yourself through direct, active, intimate involvement with your surroundings.  We also reinforce your learning process through cultural excursions around Morocco that take you to various areas of the country, to mountainous towns, desert camps, coastal cities and remote villages. You will not only meet and converse with locals from different tribal backgrounds, but also experience the joys of Morocco, driving through the High Atlas mountains, riding camels in the desert, enjoying tea with nomads and walking through the narrow and beautiful alleys of the imperial cities.


3- Be a family member through our homestay.

The homestay experience can be one of the most rewarding and enlightening aspects of study abroad.  You will have the opportunity to share your culture and to learn from other traditions and customs.  And you will soon move beyond cultural immersion as you begin to question, distinguish, and analyze the host culture vis-à-vis your own and come to a deeper understanding of both.


4- Take advantage of our continuous support and assistance.

Before your arrival to Morocco, you will be sent our preparatory materials that would help you prepare yourself for your study abroad program and answer questions you might initially have prior to your trip. You will be provided upon the beginning of your study abroad journey with an extensive orientation that will give you an in-depth overview of the historical, political, religious and social backgrounds of Morocco, as well as descriptive discussions on the local customs, manners, ethics and the cultural experience of homestay. Each one of our study abroad programs is assigned one of our staff who is in charge of coordinating the logistics of the programs, but also is the regular main contact person for you.